Monday, August 24, 2009

I may or may not start posting more often

Of course, this may just become a vault for youtubes I like, too.

Monday, April 20, 2009

more jukebox

what it sez in the title; not the best crop

Fever Ray, "When I Grow Up"
Eric Hassle, "Hurtful"
Tinchy Stryder, "Number One"
Dizzee Rascal, "Bonkers"
Depeche Mode, "Wrong"
Smashproof, "Brother"
Keri Hilson, "Knock You Down"
The Lonely Island, "I'm on a Boat"

Sunday, April 19, 2009

unanswered pop conference question #1

it ain't trickin' if you:

a) can afford to do so
b) had sex with her
c) have what might cause a man to trick on you
d) were the recipient of what was being tricked off
e) understand exactly what's going on
f) other?

Thursday, April 9, 2009

da mystery of jukeboxin'

More Jukebox:

The-Dream f/ Mariah Carey, "My Love"
Jim Jones, "Blow the Bank"
Veronica Maggio, "Stopp!"
Bat For Lashes, "Daniel"
Girls Aloud, "Untouchable"
Brick & Lace, "Bad to di Bone"
Flo Rida, "Sugar"
Lil Wayne, "Hot Revolver"

And a couple that didn't make the cut:

The Lonely Island f/ T-Pain, "I'm on a Boat"

They're committed enough to the joke to pull it off, and this could well have been awesome if they'd picked one that was funny.

Marina & The Diamonds, "Obsessions"

Does this woman really sing like that, in that goat-frog groan? Presumably that's someone else doing the perfectly pleasant background vocals.

Friday, April 3, 2009


top tens, why not


1. The-Dream, Love vs. Money
2. UGK, 4 Life
3. The Juan MacLean, The Future Will Come
4. Lindstrom & Prins Thomas, II
5. Ryan Leslie
6. Royksopp, Junior
7. Camp Lo, Stone & Rob: Caught on Tape
8. Heavy, First Sessions
9. Gorilla Zoe, Don't Feed da Animals
10. Telefon Tel Aviv, Immolate Yourself


1. House of House, "Rushing to Paradise (Walkin' These Streets)"
2. Keri Hilson, "Turnin' Me On"
3. K.I.G., "Head Shoulders Knees 'n' Toes"
4. The Juan Maclean, "One Day"
5. Kid Cudi, "Day 'n' Nite"
6. Project Pat, "Keep It Hood"
7. Jamie Foxx, "Blame It"
8. Gorilla Zoe, "Lost"
9. The Twelves, "Be My Crush" (The Juan MacLean remix)
10. Crazy Cousinz, "Inflation"

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

loss; new things

I haven't updated in a while. Part of that is that I lost my good friend Rickey Wright, and each time I opened this blog, I'd see the post at the top wishing him well, leading to an uncomfortable knot in my stomach. Not to dwell on such things, but he was an amazing guy that I can only take consolation in the fact that he will never have to suffer again.

With that out of the way, I've been writing in a couple new places: a) at the new, where I have a review of the new EPMD album; and b) at the revived Singles Jukebox. I wrote for the old Jukebox at and I'm more than glad to have it back. Here I am on:

The Noisettes
Soulja Boy
Keri Hilson
Asher Roth

Monday, February 16, 2009

Thursday, February 5, 2009

YOUTUBE JAM VAULT (sry for lack of wordz)

A few new (to me at least) thangs I've been bumpin' like pinball tilt.

Erre XI, "Carita Bonita"

Sebastien Tellier, "Kilometer" (Aeroplane 'Italo 84' Remix)

Ryan Leslie, "Quicksand"

Monday, February 2, 2009


I saw him Saturday night. He was as great as always, but Marshall Davis Jr. is my new tap hero. I wrote a review of sorts.

Saturday, January 24, 2009


...y'all are some MFs. I was supposed to be in Olympia around 9:30 yesterday morning. I didn't get there until past noon and missed the legislative session I was supposed to sit in on because they canceled the 7:30 train to Portland. I had a mighty fun time waiting in King St. Station for two hours before they finally came up with a bus.

Sunday, January 18, 2009


With a bit of prodding and a bit of received generosity, I am back in school. It was a good decision, because, you know, I need to be doing something, anything, with my life.

Monday, January 12, 2009

We Still Party

song of the day:

you know, cause right this very second Quik is that dude

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Marvin kick in effect

No idea why "Praise" isn't regarded as some sort stone classic beyond it not really having been a hit, but here it is.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

today :-(

My life's passion got straight up put on hold.

Monday, January 5, 2009

First orders of business

Hey. Just to let you know, this blog probably isn't worth your time to read. I doubt I'll post in it very often, and most longform stuff I write will be posted at Cave 17, or elsewhere, such as this piece about Georgia Anne Muldrow's song "New Orleans". That one is worth your time.

I also have lists I made of my 20 favorite albums and singles of 2008, the former of which (in slightly different form) was contributed to Cave 17's top 25 albums of '08.

The albums:

1. Erykah Badu, New Amerykah Part 1 (4th World War)
2. Solange, Sol-Angel and the Hadley St. Dreams
3. The Foreign Exchange, Leave It All Behind
4. Kelley Polar, I Need You to Hold on While the Sky Is Falling
5. Calle 13, Los de Atrás Vienen Conmigo
6. The Bug, London Zoo
7. The-Dream, Love Me All Summer, Hate Me All Winter
8. Robin Thicke, Something Else
9. Portishead, Third
10. Nappy Roots, The Humdinger
11. Hercules & Love Affair, Hercules & Love Affair
12. Matmos, Supreme Balloon
13. Vampire Weekend, Vampire Weekend
14. Ne-Yo, Year of the Gentleman
15. T.I., Paper Trail
16. Sébastien Tellier, Sexuality
17. LaBelle, Back to Now
18. J*Davey, The Beauty in Distortion/The Land of the Lost
19. T-Pain, Thr33 Ringz
20. Esperanza Spalding, Esperanza

And singles:

1. The Juan MacLean, "Happy House"
2. Lil Wayne, "A Milli"
3. Crazy Cousinz, "Bongo Jam" (f/ Calista)
4. Solange, "I Decided"
5. Grind Mode, "I'm So High"
6. Hercules & Love Affair, "Blind" (Frankie Knuckles Remix)
7. Young Jeezy, "Put On" (f/ Kanye West)
8. Hood Headlinaz, "Rollin'" (f/ Jackie Chain & Jhi-Ali)
9. Janet Jackson, "Rock With U"
10. Portishead, "Machine Gun"
11. The Roots, "75 Bars (Black's Reconstruction)"
12. Kanye West, "Love Lockdown"
13. Jazmine Sullivan, "Need U Bad"
14. Le Le, "Breakfast"
15. Ne-Yo, "Closer"
16. Lloyd, "Girls Around the World" (f/ Lil Wayne)
17. Wisin y Yandel, "Siguelo"
18. The Bug, "Skeng" (f/ Killa P & Flowdan)
19. T.I., "Live Your Life" (f/ Rihanna)
20. Wiley, "Wearing My Rolex"